Thursday, May 01, 2008

disney on ice

yep, disney on ice is coming to Jakarta, and there we were this afternoon.
I already bought 4 tickets for my family, but unfortunately my hubby isn't in town.
Not that confident babysitting my two precious but not that willing if the nanny come along (well, errr...the ticket a bit costly for me :D...)
so I asked my sister and her son to join us. Kevin caught cold and cough , he need a rest. :(
(sorry dear...bunda will make up to this sometime) *wink*

The play start at 3.30 pm, we were a bit late. And of course camera and video recorder were probihitted. So I took the pictures using my mobile phone, not that good of course.
There were 4 acts from Disney Picture which were Lion King, 101 Dalmation, Little Mermaid, Peter Pan and Lilo & Stich.
These two pictures are from Peter Pan.
The right one was when Wendy and her brother are flying bcak from Neverland to London.

The show was great, but then I wonder...
If there is a folk tale like Sangkuriang, Timun Mas or Malinkudang on Ice, will it be great??
What do you think my Indonesian Fellow???

PS : the ticket vendor said there will be Barney Show on June, sure I'll take my son this time.
And mommies...let save a penny a day for Barney.

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