Thursday, September 18, 2008

takut meminta

pernah ngga teman-teman merasa takut meminta kapada Sang Pemilik,
takut meminta yang terbaik,
karena takut yang terbaik itu suatu yang menakutkan?
*di titik nadir*

Friday, September 12, 2008

ke- GR-an

Ini cerita kemaren, yang punya YM id gue, mungkin ingat gue kemaren mendadak disuruh big boss datang workshop Oil and Gas for bankers. Yah..getulah....
Ternyata acaranya selesai lama juga, sampai menjelang buka puasa. Tadinya gue mau cabut jam 5.15 mengejar KRL AC Sudirman Serpong tercintah  tapi ternyata di meja gue dari 6 perserta, tinggal 3 peserta aja yang duduk manis.
Gue ngajak temen gue keluar, dianya ngga enak..
Yo wes lah, gue memutuskan tinggal sampai akhir acara.
Pas sesi tanya jawab......
Sejak gue ikutan milis sampah , dimana ini satu satunya milis yang gue ikutin dan gue ngga ada dapat apa-apa kecuali nambah  dosa dan hinaan, gue jadi hobi nyampah, dan suka lupa kalo gue di forum resmi.
(selama training gue bukannya nyimak, malah sibuk ikutan confrence di YM  dan balas email-email nista itu)
Bertanyalah gue dengan pertanyaan sok penting *yang penting nyampah*
Terus, apa karena pertanyaan gue sophisticated ato gue satu satunya makhluk cantik yang bertanya, pertanyaan dapat hadiah…buku Sophie’s World dari Joestein Gaarder (sayangnya, gue udah baca buku ini sejak 8 tahun lalu).
Dah kelar, sholat magrib…terus mau ngejar kereta Ciujung.
Nyampe lobby, gue bertemu dan ketiga pembiacara tersebut, gue minta kartu nama mereka...surprisely, mereka hafal nama gue (eyalah...)
Yang lebih kocak lagi, salah satu pembicara nanya:
”Bapak kamu kerja di perusahaan minyak ya, pertanyaan kamu agak spesifik”
heheheheh, iya siy sebetulnya...
Cuma yang bikin gue GR, kok dia nanyanya Bapak kamu bukan suami kamu , apakah sejak lingkar pinggang gue menurun 10 cm, dan lemak gue menghilang at least , 3 kg,sehingga stelan rok dan blazer  gue muat lagi, gue kelihatan seperti gadis lagi...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

ramadhan reflection

it was a-6.00 am- flight on my business trip to Palembang, August last year. Afraid of a possibility that I might miss the plane, I woke up before down. At 2.30 am. While waiting for my-4.00 am- taxi that will take me to the airport, I surf the line (I blog, therefore I am :). I had my shubuh prayer at there and at 7 am, I'd arrived in Palembang.

August the following year, I took BSMR test, a risk management certificate for bankers. Had a great worry that I might failed the test (the result won't be announced until next Saturday via text message,please wish me passed :-SS), I woke up very early 3-4 days before the D day, to study the material.
Just to remind you, I'm not a morning person,so I had an extra effort everytime I have to wake up early. Almost everyday, I wake up at least 5.30 am. As a moslem, you might know what my obligation is.

I live this verse for almost my entire life --- from the moment my parent sign me up for an Al Quran reciting class- back in early 80's:
Wal Asr
Innal insaana la fii khusr

by Asr (the time)
Man surely in lost

but I guess I've been a fool after all this time, I never take a serious thinking about my time management. I was afraid of my existence rather than my self as a Hamba Allah. I act, as if I owned this universe.
Surely, I was among the lost.

Friday, September 05, 2008

self indulgence

you know something weird? Contemplation become my self indulgence lately.
while I'm doing so, seemed like I have idea how to solve my problem.
I think I've been doing since sometime ago, but it is emphasized since my all-by-my-self-trip to Bali last July .
except this gathering I have with unimportant people from Warung KGB every now and then ,I didn't enjoy being in the crowd that much anymore,:-D

Despite who I was before, and who (or what) I will be in the future,
this indulgence can rouse the positive side of me.
getting older, doesn't necessarily made ones as an adult
A reflection to my past, there ware many occurrence, I was a child that trapped inside a grown up figure.
Like to share what's yours?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I had this chit chat with an old friend of mine,then realizing - except the part I have those beautiful babies- my life seemed pathetic. *sigh*

Monday, September 01, 2008

a customer point of view

For years, there were only one mini store available at my office building. So whenever I run out of tissue, or feel like chewing Cadbury, or forget my sock for gym class, there was my (only) place to pick up something missing. Its price more expensive than any regular store, but who dare walking 150 m to Grand Lucky or taking a bus to Carefour during office hour just to get a pack of cigaret or sanitary napkins for instead .Happy Cyclops

I think since the store has no competitive , that made us, as the tenants and the customer had no other choice. The mini store looked like regular warung --- the mini store in your neighborhood--- but it is equipped with AC, even it isn't cool enough, they don’t stack things neatly, it look more to a warehouse than a mini store.

Moreover, it is illuminated with dim light as well, but again…we had no other choice.:-/, and they don't bother to serve us better.

But, few weeks ago, now open this Star Mart Franchise, that offers

  • local & import magazines,

  • cooler AC, brighter lamp,

  • the things for sale were stacked neatly

  • a coffee machine ^:)^, and...

  • whenever you bought a cup of Pop Mie, they'll be glad pour hot water for free as well

The price is slighty expensive that the old store, but for many of us, we better went to SM.

Actually, I wanted to post the pictures for both stores, and that'd be the end of this entry. But it will made my writing meaningless (halah, sok pinter loe ky...)8-}

In my shallow thinking, analogy to human being,

If you do something with extra effort with the way you look, probably you'll gain more respect, remember how important the first impression is? Dress properly, a nice hair do and light make up if necessary and…service with smile!

No, you don’t need to be pretty or wear something branded, just like those two store, they almost sell the same thing.

But how the Star Mart arrange their store, made us the customer, feel better spend money there there instead of the old store.

PS : tetep aja tulisan gue ngga mutu ya...=))