Friday, September 05, 2008

self indulgence

you know something weird? Contemplation become my self indulgence lately.
while I'm doing so, seemed like I have idea how to solve my problem.
I think I've been doing since sometime ago, but it is emphasized since my all-by-my-self-trip to Bali last July .
except this gathering I have with unimportant people from Warung KGB every now and then ,I didn't enjoy being in the crowd that much anymore,:-D

Despite who I was before, and who (or what) I will be in the future,
this indulgence can rouse the positive side of me.
getting older, doesn't necessarily made ones as an adult
A reflection to my past, there ware many occurrence, I was a child that trapped inside a grown up figure.
Like to share what's yours?

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