Thursday, September 11, 2008

ramadhan reflection

it was a-6.00 am- flight on my business trip to Palembang, August last year. Afraid of a possibility that I might miss the plane, I woke up before down. At 2.30 am. While waiting for my-4.00 am- taxi that will take me to the airport, I surf the line (I blog, therefore I am :). I had my shubuh prayer at there and at 7 am, I'd arrived in Palembang.

August the following year, I took BSMR test, a risk management certificate for bankers. Had a great worry that I might failed the test (the result won't be announced until next Saturday via text message,please wish me passed :-SS), I woke up very early 3-4 days before the D day, to study the material.
Just to remind you, I'm not a morning person,so I had an extra effort everytime I have to wake up early. Almost everyday, I wake up at least 5.30 am. As a moslem, you might know what my obligation is.

I live this verse for almost my entire life --- from the moment my parent sign me up for an Al Quran reciting class- back in early 80's:
Wal Asr
Innal insaana la fii khusr

by Asr (the time)
Man surely in lost

but I guess I've been a fool after all this time, I never take a serious thinking about my time management. I was afraid of my existence rather than my self as a Hamba Allah. I act, as if I owned this universe.
Surely, I was among the lost.

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