Sunday, March 30, 2008

never me!

I've been blogging since January 2005, so it has been over 3 years. My first entries was pictureless, to make it more interesting I started to post some pictures. I remember we have to post via back in those day.
Well, since I'm a blogger...I almost carry my camera every time, took pictures of everything that made some of my clique wondering why do I have to take unimportant pictures. Whatever! they don't have blog, they don't have anything to be shared.

Like today, we have lunch in a traditional restaurant ---- not a fancy one, bit cost above average

We were there to celebrate on my auntie there we are, the second and the third --- and the fourth generation of Datuk Ibrahim. :). it was a rare opurtunity for us --- sit in the one big table together, even we lived in the same city

the sky was clear, my cousins asked me to take their pictures. Since all of us was there, I like to make the picture unusual, then I find the hole in this yellow tube at the children playground made a unique frame...I just love it. so does my cousins --- the third generation of the Ibrahims. :P

and the I realized....NO me in that picture. *sigh*

Thursday, March 27, 2008

tekadku (hampir) bulat

yes, 5,5 tahun sudah cukup.
time to move on...

*update CV*

Thursday, March 20, 2008

here's my story

Like I told you, it was last minutes approval from my boss,
and to make it worse, there's no daily allowances for offshore trip.
I caught cold, cough and fever, up to 38 degree (normally below 37,5),
I didn't get seat by the window ,
aut I could get a good sleep, which I rarely have one when it come to flying. When there was an announcement the flight will be landing in 10 minutes, I wished the airplane fly for another 2 hours
Ugh...I still need a rest.
And yes, it was raining...*sigh*
new for me : we don' t need the Imigration Form in Malaysia anymore *good,I hate filling the form*

Oh the meeting? when it comes to be on a presentation and arguing  to the people who doesn't speak your language ---- argghh, it caused me a great headache.
and it rained and rained again, I didn't take many pictures.

anyway, there will be Formula 1 race in Sepang, so the F1 things is in the air. And I just learned that the actual size of the racing car is BIG.
There were a great sale as well, too bad it's a week before the pay day (usually on 25 every month) :P.
But I get 2 boxes of peppermint tea, never try before and a timer for baking from IKEA .

Back to Jakarta in the morning flight, which mean I have to wake up early. Oh yeah, I have problem with early wake up :-D

and I hate airport when it come to long holiday....

Ah, me-always-complaining!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i'm in KL

actually, last minutes approval from the boss
I got bad cough & cold, my body temperature heating up a bit.
I can't really enjoy the time...*we're staying in the same hotel anyway*

Monday, March 17, 2008


 My wish just granted, too bad I caught cold...
packing dulu ya....

Friday, March 14, 2008

just a- today-story

Mind about indifferent of Indonesian people who so reluctant to queue, I found another "unique" one this evening on the way home.

I took express train from Dukuh Atas Station (in Jakarta Downtown area) to Bintaro (my neighborhood, outskirt of jakarta), it spent around 30 minutes to get home, much better if you rive your own car...up to 1,5 hours during peak hours. Unfortunately, the last two schedules was collided, so the train kinda full.

But when I entered the train, I still one free seat, but when I want to sit down, thAT lady in purple said

“this seat is taken” and pointed out.

I just muttered “how come?”

Hello… this is mass transportation we’re talking about, not your fancy BMW (if she has one)

I feel irritated first, but I thought maybe her friend is pregnant or an elderly so I refuse an arguing.

And turned out….that lady in white is her friend…look young and health.

Well, forget that I have to stand 'cause there were no seat left, it just their manner that made me sick! and when the train stop at another station,there were a family with 3 toddlers, two elderly (the grandparents) and a pregnant lady.

Do you thing these two –look-educated-people- would give their precious seat to them…?

Of course they didn't give a damn care!Cyclops

Just another two people with no manner and no brain I guess!well, did I say they do look educated!

Why don’t they buy the train themselves…and safe the seats to all their friends…

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

oh, how I love today!

- My hubby brought a (4 actually) boxes of Anthon Berg Choco Mint Chocolate --- dark    Chocolate with delicious mint feeling, arghhh taste heaven! I love mint!
- Still to emphasize this posting "kalo dah rejeki ngga lari kemaneeee" or literally means if it is   for you it won't go anywhere, I have a watch from C*****, for free! someone just give it to me  (for my 30th b'day? it's late but thanks anyway) :P
- nothing better to end a tired day with a cup of peppermint tea from Dilmah.

Monday, March 10, 2008

a very yuppy wedding - Ika Natassa

Tertarik baca buku ini karena sms-nya fanny si betawi merantau, karena tokoh utamanya seorang bankir briliant dan ambisius bernama Andrea yang menangani kredit commercial/corporate….nanganin perkebunan kelapa sawit…oh…so me…(dan juga pabrik plastik yang mau bangkrut, pertambangan minyak lepas pantai & tengah hutan, pabrik onderdil sepeda motor, de el el *sigh*).

Well anyway, Andrea-in her late-20’s punya pacar ganteng abis bernama Ajie, brilliant dan ambisius kayak dia juga, keturunan baek2x, sudah mengajak dia menuju pelaminan juga yang sayangnya….satu divisi dengan dia. Sama seperti tempat saya jadi bankir kacung, di banknya Andrea ini suami istri ngga boleh satu kantor…(tapi untung tidak se-extrim “Bank Perdana” tempat Andrea kerja sih…).

Padahal, dia akan dipromosikan menjadi senior account manager di Medan, kota kelahirannya, yang merupakan impian dan ambisi Andrea --- menjadi area manager sebelum dia berumur 30 tahun!

Dan tidak itu saja, tiba-tiba menjelang menikah makin banyak saja “gangguannya atau godaan”, Radit, mantan pacarnya dulu dan Ajeng, newbie di Bank Perdana yang terang-terangan menyatakan mengagumi Ajie. Manakah yang dipilih? Worth it -kah melepaskan ambisi demi seorang Ajie?

Ternyata kehidupan bankir menarik juga dijadikan novel, dan mungkin karena latar belakang Andrea di Credit Corporate/Commercial membuat saya senyum2x sendiri…oh…ternyata Pinjaman SIndikasi bisa dijadikan setting yang menarik dalam sebuah novel dan istilah Dekolektibilitas itu...hahahahahah! belum covernya dengan post it disertai kata2x "ujian level 1 BSMR" *ah,ya...oktober ya?*, "cek SBI rate", dan "draft PK NOtaris...."

Favorit quote saya selain :

Pernikahan itu bukan cuma untuk menghalalkan hubungan seks,Dre, tapi untuk menyatukan pandangan dan pemikiran serta saling melengkapi”


"Cewek ngga kerja sama saja dengan pabrik kelapa sawit ngga pake kebun"

PS: yang saya tekankan bukan cewek ngga kerjanya lho…tapi " sama saja dengan pabrik kelapa sawit ngga pake kebun”…kata2x andalan saya kalo coaching brondong-brondong baru di kantor. Saya suka berasa “pintar” kalo udah mengucapkan kata2x sakti disertai anggukan2x sok ngerti brondong2x itu He3x.
a little note :
ada comen di SB saya :
kiky, there is difference being account manager and account reviewer, so, andrea is not so you lah, jauh..., hehehe... makanyacobain deh jadi AO...
maksud saya dari kalimat :" oh…so me…" karena latar belakang pekerjaan di commercial/corporate nya, bukan jabatan yang dipegang sama. Kita (sebagai tim supporter business unit --- setidaknya di tempat saya) juga ikutan stand by ketika panita kredit senior meeting untuk memutuskan satu account yang dipresentasikan, terkadang malah kita yang back up data walaupun harusnya independen. belum ikutan call visit ke tengah laut/tengah hutannya...malah kadang2x kita becanda dengan tim BU
"giliran ke tengah hutan loe ajak2x analys, giliran di,entertain ke Finland, lupa ama kita" atau bolak balik ke tim legal untuk klarifikasi macem2x...maklum AO kan sibuk beratssss.
masih banyak lho pak oci masyarakat umum yang beranggapanperempuan kerja diperbankan dipukul rata jadi kasir atau service administration semua (tanpa mengecilkan peran mereka lho!)
Jadi AO? nah itu, saya bukan manusia super seperti pak OCi :)) ..tapi pernah lah ngerasain di BT-in tim support/dikomplain nasabah / ditagih "setoran" oleh Panitia Kredit :)
but, thanks untuk komen dan waktunya mampir secara gue tau loe AO andalan di *tut tut tut*...mohon maaf ya kalau tidak berkenan. =))

Friday, March 07, 2008

another eight from me...

I think I have done this before, the eight things, but with diffrent topic. Teacher Jullie, my new pinoy friend just tagged me, here it go :

8 things I’m passionate about:
-my family ( ok, i copied your answer :P)
-any trip away from my desk *lazy employer*Smiles
-skinnier :P
-another position (been a credit analysis for 5,5 years,yeah I'm  getting bored)
-anything mint

8 things I say often:
- Bismillah (In the name of Gracious Allah)
-Alhamdulilah ( Thank you,Allah )
-Kezia, don’t do that
-KEviiiinnnnn *yelling mode on*
-Thank you
-What so ever
-Enough is enough
-I’m starving *how will I loose the fat?*Smiles

8 books I’ve read recently:

-Rahasia Meede by ES ITO
-The Naked Traveler by trinity
(those are local books)

-In to The Wild by Jon Krauker
-Splendid Thousand Suns by Khaleed Hoseini
-The Road
To be read :
-eat, pray and Love - ELizabeth Gilberth

8 things to do before I die:

- Pilgrim to mecca
- See my babies grow up
and give me a grandchildren 
- Around the world trip
- being a better person
- yeah, can't find another 4.

8 songs I could listen to over and over again:
You’re beautiful - James Blunt
Just the two of us -
From local singer:
Any D' Cinamon songs
Sempurna – Andra and the back bone
Menjaga Hati – Yovie and the Nuno

8 things that attract me to my friends:
I’m “wild”, easy going, and…errr…let them decideGoofy

8 things I learned in the last year:
-better keep my mouth shut,
-Never trust a person so deepl...
-Control the temper,
-Don’t hate a person too much,
-Exercise good for your health,
-Kalo emang rejeki ngga lari kemane….
-Ah…what else? *bingung mode on*

8 people I am excited to tag:
Ok, this is hard…
- Intan,
- Mama rafi,
- Ellen,
- Mica,
- Napaboaniya
- Holly,
- yaya
- ina *hai, how are you?*

Hahha…done! finally!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Blogging makes me Happy :)

I got this award from Napaboaniya, wow..did I? What an honor!

I'd like to pass it to her back, riri for helping me with that blogrolling things, mica and ellen, and all the regular visitors of this blog.

Thank you guys!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

sometimes I wonder why

Quintarantino from Portugal drop a comment on my photoblog:

This isn´t fair … you got all the beauty of a charming landscape to get a fantastic photo and left us nothing.

I post the picture above, for a meme titled Sky watch Friday and his comment made me smile and wondering something.
Tell you the truth , I haven't explore my country as much as other people.
I was nothing compare to my college buddy, Ais, who I guess has explore this entire country.
But, yes I did prefer to post those beautiful landscape or antique buildings and give brief explantion about them from those places I have travelled to.

but, why currently, the Indonesian Airlines such as Garuda and Mandala have a nice - low fare package for Uniquely SIngapore, or local banks (with their credit card programs) offered reasonable price- some tour packages - to Bangkok, KL or even European Countries
Well, please don't get me wrong here, but when I read KONTAN yesterday, it said those near by countries did hit Indonesian tourist as their visitor, and I guess nothing wrong with that.
Those country has a-well-prepared program, like eastcostlife wrote in here. Off shores visitors feel welcome and comfortable in those places, easy to find directions, free from flood & heavy traffic jam International airport *sigh* bla...bla...bla.

just my thought. I mean, I think it's ironic, this year suppose to be Visit Indonesia Year 2008, right?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

craving for food

I'm craving for food for this past two weeks. I have a complete meal for breakfast, which probably other normal people will have that for lunch after a tired morning, and...I still get hungry, or wanna chew something at (i usually have my bf at am at the office)
And on lunch, yep...I have another com*plete meal again, still starving at
Back to home, I have my dinner as well.

A friend of mine said look like I add another fat, well yeah I did, successfully add another 1 ,5 kg.
I said to my self " only 2 possibilities whenever I'm so starving like this, get pregnant or get my period soon"

well, i use birth control (IUD) after I gave birth to my baby boy, but who knows?
this lady still get pregnant after she use IUD.

But, actually, I was a bit worried, cause my baby boy still need extra care for his health somehow I will need extra effort , and I plan to lose all extra 20 kg this year. If...I get pregnant again with this weight, it won't be good for my health either (I'm more than just overweight, obese might be)
well, from last night, suddenly I lost all my appetite...and this morning...I got my period. :P