Friday, March 14, 2008

just a- today-story

Mind about indifferent of Indonesian people who so reluctant to queue, I found another "unique" one this evening on the way home.

I took express train from Dukuh Atas Station (in Jakarta Downtown area) to Bintaro (my neighborhood, outskirt of jakarta), it spent around 30 minutes to get home, much better if you rive your own car...up to 1,5 hours during peak hours. Unfortunately, the last two schedules was collided, so the train kinda full.

But when I entered the train, I still one free seat, but when I want to sit down, thAT lady in purple said

“this seat is taken” and pointed out.

I just muttered “how come?”

Hello… this is mass transportation we’re talking about, not your fancy BMW (if she has one)

I feel irritated first, but I thought maybe her friend is pregnant or an elderly so I refuse an arguing.

And turned out….that lady in white is her friend…look young and health.

Well, forget that I have to stand 'cause there were no seat left, it just their manner that made me sick! and when the train stop at another station,there were a family with 3 toddlers, two elderly (the grandparents) and a pregnant lady.

Do you thing these two –look-educated-people- would give their precious seat to them…?

Of course they didn't give a damn care!Cyclops

Just another two people with no manner and no brain I guess!well, did I say they do look educated!

Why don’t they buy the train themselves…and safe the seats to all their friends…

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