Thursday, March 20, 2008

here's my story

Like I told you, it was last minutes approval from my boss,
and to make it worse, there's no daily allowances for offshore trip.
I caught cold, cough and fever, up to 38 degree (normally below 37,5),
I didn't get seat by the window ,
aut I could get a good sleep, which I rarely have one when it come to flying. When there was an announcement the flight will be landing in 10 minutes, I wished the airplane fly for another 2 hours
Ugh...I still need a rest.
And yes, it was raining...*sigh*
new for me : we don' t need the Imigration Form in Malaysia anymore *good,I hate filling the form*

Oh the meeting? when it comes to be on a presentation and arguing  to the people who doesn't speak your language ---- argghh, it caused me a great headache.
and it rained and rained again, I didn't take many pictures.

anyway, there will be Formula 1 race in Sepang, so the F1 things is in the air. And I just learned that the actual size of the racing car is BIG.
There were a great sale as well, too bad it's a week before the pay day (usually on 25 every month) :P.
But I get 2 boxes of peppermint tea, never try before and a timer for baking from IKEA .

Back to Jakarta in the morning flight, which mean I have to wake up early. Oh yeah, I have problem with early wake up :-D

and I hate airport when it come to long holiday....

Ah, me-always-complaining!

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