Monday, April 28, 2008

dasar ibu2x...

tadinya,cuma mau beli es krim setelah panas-panasan makan siang.
melihat harga susu yang kevin harus minum (anjuran dokter gizi,karena dia underweight),
6000 rupiah lebih murah...
gue beli itu deh...
padahal di rumah masih ada 1 yang belum dibuka...
dasar ibu2x...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

mbah jingkrak

this week, to celebrate the birthday of my future direct supervisor, we had lunch in this --- not so fancy but a bit above average-restaurant MBah JIngkrak.
A traditional Javanesee food. I like its brown rice, not so hard, just like the regular white rice. I'm thinking switching from regular rice to the brown one, it's healthier anyway...
more pics is here.

Friday, April 18, 2008

postingan terlambat

sebenarnya mau posting Kezia ulang tahun keempat tahun ini, ultahnya kemaren.
tapi pesan dari, blog saya blog spam. Jadi harus verifikasi ulang plus nunggu review dari blogger machine.
ya sudahlah...saya posting di rumah satunya dan di blognya Kezia.
happy birthday MY daughter...:)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

three of us + the tag

on this entry, I made a comment my passion to travel alone...
then, reading carefully, about those American couples who bring their 5 babies...
I changed my mind...
I like to hit some places (outta town, of course)...with just the three of us!
do you thing Bandung will be a good start?:D
(the daddy is here every now and then, can't really depend on him. :P)

anyway, bunda vera kasih tugas :

1. Panggilan spesial apa untuk pasangan anda ? (soalnya kata 'sayang' saat ini sudah agak menurun mutu dan kualitasnya) ?
2. Bagaimana cara anda merawat dan menjaga cinta pada pasangan ?
3. Kapan terakhir jatuh cinta (lagi) ?

jawabnya apa ya...???
1. abang :x
2. gimana ya....??? *garuk garuk*:-S
3. sama suami sendiri? , tadi waktu telpon2x di YM...dah lama ngga tilpun2x..

ok done, tag kemana ya....????ngga usah deh...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I guess it's a funny thing for me when I saw my-mom's-high-school-buddies- on facebook....:-D
PS: and still, my mom asked me to write an email to their friends...she still think she doesn't need to learn how to make yahoo account,yet...

Monday, April 07, 2008

Mini Opera (as a browser)

since my Mozilla doesn't work as it suppose to, now I'm using opera as the browser. the good thing is, opera has mini version (well...uhm....I just learned it).;;)

so I just download the mini version to my mobile phone and...voila...!
I'm so satisfied! Sony Ericsson W 550i used netfront (or netscape?...ah, I forgot) as a browser. Using the previous one, the appearance doesn't look good, I hardly read my favorite site. I can't even access pop up- blogger comments if I need to.

As its name, it is a mini version from the regular website --- fit to the screen of your mobile phone. A square is provided, when you'd like to read one particular side, just click the square, then it will zoom that part. And it fast as well.
Oh...I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO Late.......!
Ah, nothing can stop me now!:D

PS: ok...I know...except those credit proposal. *sigh*

Sunday, April 06, 2008

my blueberry night

starring Norah Jones, Jude Law, Natalie Portman.
I watch this movie to end this weekend :)

it reminds me...:

  • Jude Law is sooooo cute in any angle,

  • ah yah...Natalie Portman too :P

  • the highway to Las Vegas, suddenly the memories in 1990-1991 popping up again...we used to spend the long holiday in the highway!
  • My favorite quote is :
Leslie :" He taught me after 10 is Jack!"

Thursday, April 03, 2008

My Man....muah!

what a title! hehehhehe, I just got tag from elaine ling ,who dying to see me in her hometown.
this is a funny tag, I guess...well next month is our 5th anniversary, a nice way to recharge our love *wink* =))
what I love most about my man --- the father of my babies...:

1. sure he gave the good gen, look at my babies, aren't they cute....? :x

2. he doesn't mind I'm overweight...well, ya...probably a bit..kikikik...but as long I'm comfortable he feel ok...( is ME, that doesn't feel comfort with my own size) *sigh*

3. he doesn't mind I'm working and doesn't feel irritated when my job requires some traveling and he has to stay home, take care of my babies..

4. oh yeah...he's good with our babies as well.

ok hubby, even you annoyed me sometimes, you refused to buy me a pair of diamond ring for our 5th anniversary, but I love you even more ;;)

PS : honey, how about a second honeymoon to paris? :D --- ok, i knew I dream my life away...

anyway, I like to pass this to mica, vera, and lalaine, bintang, and maya.
ok, if you're Indonesian...sure you may write in bahasa, elaine won't fully understand if I post this in bahasa...hihihihi

ok, I'll write in my language...
akhirnya...setelah ngidam bertahun2x, melihat parkiran pancious Permata Hijauh penuh terus....jadi juga makan di Pancious tapi yang di Pacific Palace. :-D. Janjian dengan dian dan rafnila, teman smaku di kelas 1...

tips from me : it loooookkkk small, but it doesn't! so beware :))