Thursday, April 03, 2008

My Man....muah!

what a title! hehehhehe, I just got tag from elaine ling ,who dying to see me in her hometown.
this is a funny tag, I guess...well next month is our 5th anniversary, a nice way to recharge our love *wink* =))
what I love most about my man --- the father of my babies...:

1. sure he gave the good gen, look at my babies, aren't they cute....? :x

2. he doesn't mind I'm overweight...well, ya...probably a bit..kikikik...but as long I'm comfortable he feel ok...( is ME, that doesn't feel comfort with my own size) *sigh*

3. he doesn't mind I'm working and doesn't feel irritated when my job requires some traveling and he has to stay home, take care of my babies..

4. oh yeah...he's good with our babies as well.

ok hubby, even you annoyed me sometimes, you refused to buy me a pair of diamond ring for our 5th anniversary, but I love you even more ;;)

PS : honey, how about a second honeymoon to paris? :D --- ok, i knew I dream my life away...

anyway, I like to pass this to mica, vera, and lalaine, bintang, and maya.
ok, if you're Indonesian...sure you may write in bahasa, elaine won't fully understand if I post this in bahasa...hihihihi

ok, I'll write in my language...
akhirnya...setelah ngidam bertahun2x, melihat parkiran pancious Permata Hijauh penuh terus....jadi juga makan di Pancious tapi yang di Pacific Palace. :-D. Janjian dengan dian dan rafnila, teman smaku di kelas 1...

tips from me : it loooookkkk small, but it doesn't! so beware :))

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