Monday, April 07, 2008

Mini Opera (as a browser)

since my Mozilla doesn't work as it suppose to, now I'm using opera as the browser. the good thing is, opera has mini version (well...uhm....I just learned it).;;)

so I just download the mini version to my mobile phone and...voila...!
I'm so satisfied! Sony Ericsson W 550i used netfront (or netscape?...ah, I forgot) as a browser. Using the previous one, the appearance doesn't look good, I hardly read my favorite site. I can't even access pop up- blogger comments if I need to.

As its name, it is a mini version from the regular website --- fit to the screen of your mobile phone. A square is provided, when you'd like to read one particular side, just click the square, then it will zoom that part. And it fast as well.
Oh...I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO Late.......!
Ah, nothing can stop me now!:D

PS: ok...I know...except those credit proposal. *sigh*

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