Saturday, June 07, 2008

going back to gym

as my twitter board said, I signed up for a gym class again, just in the basement of my office building. I went to the gym either at lunch time or after office hour.well, I've only been exercise for a week, 4 times already and I really intend to do the same in the future, using the famous treadmill for 30 minutes on top, and static bicycle for 15 minutes on top, but I think I've already gain the advantages, such as :
- Now I can wake up early even before azan shubuh!
- I don't yawn after 8 o'clock anymore, really!
- so that, I don't need my wake up call (Mocchachino from Nescafe) that often.
- I don't starving at night like I used to, an apple and a glass of low fat milk are fine with me now.
- and ha! the- two pieces - Punjabi dress that my hubby bought from Mumbay me a month ago, fit on my body! I haven't lost my weight yet, but...oke lah...

picture taken from here.

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