Monday, December 18, 2006

leaving on a jet plane

Not In Malaysia,
Nor in Saudi Arabia,
But India,
Mombay to be precise
The place where he’ll make the ends meet.

When I kissed him goodbye, I cried,
and he laughed.
He said not to worry because it's just another of his regular work.
Despite the fact that now,
it is hundreds thousand miles away
and more than a month away.
And what he doesn't know,
part of me is missing when he left.

hiks, hiks, jadi into this song banget deh...
'cintakan membawamu,
kembali disini,
menuai rindu,
membasuh sepi,
bawa serta dirimu,
dirimu yang dulu,
mencintaiku, apa adanya'

By Dewa 19

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