Monday, February 28, 2005

Tabungan Pendidikan
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Place where I make a living has one of its top product called tabungan Pendidikan a.k.a Tapend.
Here how it's work,
first you have to have a main account, then you can have this Tapend named for your baby, up to three babies.
The fund for Tapend, will be debt automaticlly from your main account.
How much the saving will be (min Rp 150.000/month) or the maturity date (min for 1 year) depends on you.
For example, your baby now 3 years, and going to SD on the age 6 years.
You'd like to save Rp 200.000/month for 3 years,so when the du date, you'll have Rp 7.200.000 in your pocket eclude interest.
It's your money somehow, but will push you---make you---save your pennies rather than you prepare the Rp 7 mio in sudden, unless you're rich. (",)
It also has insurance, so, if force majeur things happen during the contract, you're unable to continue the saving, the Bank will do.

Acctually, I don't care whether you have it or not, but better if you do so.
I'd like to say, see the brochure???
that's my Kezia!
Isn't she cute like her bunda?

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Anonymous said...

Lhaaa ko kayak kenal...
oo itu kezia tooooh hiihhi
lucu2..kok kayak mama??
oo mirip mama yaaa???

kapan donk ke sg lagee??

cup cup,

fathir's mom