Saturday, April 16, 2005

Salah sambung tapi nyambung

my sister, yola has 2 numbers in her house which i only recall 1 of them.
but she disconnect the one that I can recall, since her ex-maid already gave the number to some strangers. usuall problem for the couple who both work and leave the house to the maid.
so, I ask her (through mobile phone), what the other number is. She gave 7486XX23.
anyway, I try to call her this evening---wanted to play her a visit.
(we live nearby,actually, beda blok aja)
I dialled 7486XX23.

Kiky : adek ada ?(we called her adek-red)
Voice of a man (I tought my brother in law) : dari siapa?
K : kiky
Voam : adeknya lagi keluar tuh..
K : ok d, thank u.

I called her mobile phone

K : lagi dimana?
Adek : di rumah
K: lha...tadi katanya keluar, jangan2x kakak salah mencet, telp rumah berapa siy?
A : 748623XX, pasti tadi salah mencet deh!
K : tapi salah sambung kok nyambung yah...(conversation-nya)

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