Tuesday, February 14, 2006

(dulu) kau dicaci,kini (mungkin) kau dipuja

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this is yesterday story...
I'd added another fat on my body so I need have some new working clothes since my maternity leaves will be over next week.
And I'm the big fan of NeuMor (RCTI anchor wear this brand), it fitted me well. from my very first day of working (I was in size 38-40), 'till having two babies ( size 44-46,hehehe)

The sale items only available in ITC Mangga dua store (they also have stores in ITC Fatmawati and ITC Permata Hijau), so I decided to get there.
I cought cough and cold (yeah...thanks to my babies!), so I decided not to drive, since at my concern, we aren't recommended to operate machines whenever we take cold pills.
but I can't afford the Taxi's fared from Puri Indah to Mangga Dua,ha3x.(poor me)
Getting by buses is the only way, but which route???
BSD shuttle bus from kebun Jeruk's tol gate or go to Sudirman first then take trans Jakarta??? or else?

Then I remember the Trans Jakarta BUs has new corridors now, kalideres-Harmony and Pulo Gadung-Monas. I decided to take that mass transportation, with a tought it's quicker and the bus won't be full of people.

well, I tell you what,I'm wrong!

From Puri Indah, I have to take "angkot" to Taman Kota first, lucky for me, the bus has shelter in Taman Kota, so I didn't need to take Kopaja/metromini/mikrolet to go to busway shelter.
then...I have to wait about 30 minutes to get to Trans Jakarta....It was full!
I'd wait for 5 busses before I can get in it,still it was nothing, the people who had arrived before I did, had wait 10-11 buses before geting in!!! Wow!!!!

I heard that the third corridor (Xderes-harmony) only has 22 buses to serve hundreds of West Jakarta citizens and it always operate with maximum capacity, not to mention during peakhours! even the buses from corridor #1 (Blok M-kota),help this route during peak hours, and these corridor operate earlier than the others.

A man sit next to me said on the shelter, was thankful to have this route. he works in Cakung, usually took him 3 hours to get there and spent almost 10 thousand on bus fare.now, it took him an hour only and less than 5 thousand to get to his office.

And, in only took half an hour and total 5 thousand (from Taman Kota Stop)for me to get to mangga dua.

So, I guess Mr Sutiyoso's masterpiece has done a very good job!

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