Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Life SURE Expensive

here the outline, Kezia visitted her cousin which lives near by.
Dzaki (her causin) already caught cold and cough, and he infected the disease to kezia
she got cough the next day.
The cough was so bold and have a phlegm, I decided to take her to her pediatric in Graha Medika Hospital, the hospital where she was delivered.

At home, she liked "to do the coughing" when her brother near by. Eventhough I forbid her to do so, she kept doing anyway...
Due to bad weather (it has been heavy raining) then the next two day, Kezia caught cold and...so did her brother.


It was on wednesday,a cold and heavy rain wednesday. Kevin's cold getting worse, surely I have to take him to the hospital for no doubt. Since my car still in the garage (repair shop), I (again) have to got there by taxi because it's so impossible getting there by buses and angkots :) with two babies.

Have an idea how much I spent that wednesday???
1. The pediatric fared ; Rp 280 thousand for both kezia and kevin
2. kezia's medicine ; rp 109 thousand
3. kevin's medicine ; Rp 70 thousand
4. Taxi fared from bintaro - Graha Medika Hospital - Puri Indah (where my parents live)- Bintaro in total Rp 170 thousand!!!

So, that day I spent Rp 620 thousand for "trying to get well" only!!!

lucky for me, the hospital things is covered by our insurance.
but for most of people in this country nowdays, Rp 600 thousand something --- even less, is their monthly income!
I wonder how difficult for them to make the ends meet by that number!And like I said, even less than that.

Lucky for me, alhamdulilah...


Hany said...

Dompetnya knapa, Ky?

MoETia said...

Taxi Fare sucks indeed... ! it's so painful for my pocket too dear!! hiiiikkksss!!