Thursday, March 17, 2005

good news and band news

The first months of the year, biasanya teman2x kantor suka ada issue.
Bonus prestasi, bonus komisi dan promotion.
Promotion will be done after the boss gave a Perfomance Aprraisal report knows as PA.
PA usually takes place in Feb-March, there the boss give you a good news or bad ones.
One of my friends, hari, visitting our customer in Lampung one day.
Then he gave me a sms.
Hari (H) : Any result of my PA?

Kiky (K) : Yup, good news and bad news.

H : What are those?

K : Good'll be promotted to be Assistant Manager.

H : whayyyyyyyyyyyyy....Thank you, and the bad news?

K : I lied (",)

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