Wednesday, March 08, 2006

glad it's here

Image hosting by PhotobucketActually, I’m not that drop-dead-addicted-to coffee-person. But, drinking some coffee kinda my habit for the last 4,5 years.
It started when I was a trainee in the place where- I –try-to-help-my-hubby-to-make-a-living.
Trainings was both in classes and on the fields (a.k.a on the job training). And when it took place in classes in begun at 8.00 am ‘till 5.00 pm. It has breaks every two hours for 15-30 minutes.
Let speak fair here, during classes I (I guess we would be precise, ’cause I think almost all my friends had the same feeling too) often get bored and sleepy. Frowning couple of time.
And coffee, was one of the options to stay awake! We also had a friend, his name is Adhy (he doesn’t work in this company anymore) who drop dead addicted to coffee. He even brought a big jar of Nescafe and a big jar of Maxwell Creamer. even there was a water heater in his car!
So, most of my friends became a coffee lover like Adhy does, and so did I.
My parents are coffee lovers also, my mom even bought different kind of coffee, which some of them were imported coffee.
So, I always took one glass, every single day! One of the best thing coming to S’pore was I can try many kind of coffee. It was when Starbucks/coffee bean and tea leaf hasn’t operated in Jakarta, yet.
I prepared sachets of coffee on my office desk, so I can take them when I need a wake up call during the day. Sometime, I did run out of coffee, and dying to drink one. I wished there was a coffee booth on this office building. Just like the one in BEJ who has Starbucks booth.
And, there it is now! Barnie’s now open on this building!

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