Friday, February 29, 2008

mother & daughter

this lady made the hot gossip again, she was cursing her two daughters and (again) it was taped on camera. *sigh*.
PS : for non Indonesian blogger, her daughter is a not-so-famous-movie star-but-everybody-know-her -since-she-often-on -TV-staring-that-horror-movie.

I remember when she did that (swearing on her daughter) years ago, I guess everybody remember and got chilled, we (as a daughter then a mother) won't ever ever do things like that. There was a very bad words, scary cursing - she said she was in her deepest regret to gave birth to such a sinful daughter, she was in her deepest anger (yes, It was on TV!)

on this current cursing, she accused that her two daughter didn't paid her a visit when she was hospitalized not paying the hospital fare neither, so she sold her fixed asset top another Indonesian celebrities. It was also on the screen, she pulled one of her daughter hair and scratch her face!
Off course, the daughters denial that, when her mother just go mad and wild, she just keep her mouth shut.

Anyway, I have met this lady on person my self. I was in operation room when Kevin went for his circumcision surgery on September 2006. We (me and my husband) didn't recognized her at first, but when she had a slight conversation with us, my husband recognized her at that moment.
She was with a-look like- 15-year-old-teen, who (as her confession) is her surrogate daughter who stand next to her bed . I was feeling sorry for her, she was going to have a surgery on her back bone, and has no mental support from her family.
*long sigh*

well, I 'm not judging who is right or wrong here but I just don't want turn out to be rebellious daughter to my parents eventough I had some disagreements with my mom. And I don't want cursing on my babies with such bad and appropriate words. I hope their problem will be clear very soon, and they will have that beautiful relationship between mother and daughter back.

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