Tuesday, February 26, 2008

this is it!

I need a break...a loooongggggg one. Haven't been to Bali for almost 3 years, I need coming back there again. That was a sunset in Tanah Lot, Bali. Beautiful isn't it?

PS : I'm tired of being narsis Smiles

after abandoning this blog from couple of months, looks like I'll be back writing in this virtual home.
rumah satunya cuma buat mosting potoh2x aja ah....unless buat posting2x untuk orang2x tertentu saja....

1 comment:

NoorIntan said...

ikut dong ke Bali :D

welcome back.... thought you've abandoned us here in blogspot-sphere... hehehe...

i have deleted my multiply account a long time a go :p

btw, blom bikin pr nya... ntar ya..