Wednesday, February 13, 2008

a melting pot (of my posting)

My life is a bitch lately, but lots of things made me happy aswell:

  • I got 2008 friendship contract from Ameera’s mom . Sorry it took a while to thank you. You know what had happend to me, and I'd like to pass this contract to:

  • IndahJuli, some peole think we look alike eventhough both of us sure I’m much skinnier than her *peace,sis*. I learnt a lot from her, a very sincere friend.

  • Inawati Chen, my collage buddy…back in those years, everytime I went for a dine in Grogol with her, she’s the one that assured I had Halal Food. :D
  • Silvi who's expecting her third precious. Safe labor,sis.

  • I enjoy my new photoblog, I even made friends with world wide bloggers and even some of great photographers from the other side of this earth --- place(s) I’ve never been to --- stop by.

  • Sylvi (not that silvi I mentioned before) will take me for another business trip, where she knows I’m dying to fly there, eventhough I realized she just using me since I know she’s a coward, she hate to sleep alone. Hahahha, I’m just kidding.

  • I’ll meet an old friend this noon. It has been 8 years since our last reunion, so lots of things (read: gossips) has to be updated.

  • Lastly…I’ll tell you latter lah…*wink*, it has to be confirmed first.

PS : IF THIS POSTING EVER CROSS My Multiply, (I enabled the cross posting facility between blogger & multiply, some time it works sometime it doesn't) I’ll pass that friendship contract to all my contacts in MP. Thank you for all the fun.

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..ina... said...

woa....hahhaha....thank ya ky....kekekkekeke....."she's the one that assured i had Halal Food"...duh lo jadi bikin gue inget masa2 TLP....memeras tenaga n batin...but truly...lots of fun n memory....make TI very memorable.....kekekkekeke

duh, gue kira dapet PR ...ternyata dapet contract....