Thursday, August 28, 2008

am a good motha,aren't I?

One of my relatives,told my sister, to let me know, that in his opinion, I should hug my babies more often.
Well, frankly speaking here , I was pissed of hearing this :(
Then,I remember, I met him and his- I- love u-u love me-we are happy- family is every now and then,with the mother act as -stay-at-home- eventhough we live in the same neighbourhood.
I don't think he aware that my baby boy sleep with touching my big fat belly? :))
With a complain that I should hug my babies more often... probably - I should (at least) reducing my blogging and plurking time.:))
What d ya think?am I a good mother? ;)

1 comment:

...ina... said...

jitak aja ky... :P

tiap anak beda... juga cara didik n perhatiannya... gak bisa asal judge degan sekali liat....

jangan didengerin... You're very..very good mother....