Thursday, August 03, 2006

HoW to Lost Your weight in (less than) 2 weeks!

Ha, interesting enough?:-?
This is my topic in the office,
One of my bestfriend getting married next (less than) two weeks,
And, she also invites my major crush on back in college.;;)

well, he got married years before I did.
So, to make him bad for leaving me (halah????)
I want my weight back to normal (that means I have to reduce 15 kg)
To make me (still) look good.

their comments :
Mission Impossible --- go to Beauty Shop --- have some makeover

hehehe, I wish there is AMBUSH MAKEOVER people in JAKARTA .
PS : Ambush Makeover (sorry if I spell incorrect) is a reality show that caught 'slebor' people like me, than make them look hillarious in 5 hours or so. The shows is in Jak TV.

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